sparky_before.jpg (16744 bytes) BEFORE TREATMENT
sparky_during.jpg (18492 bytes) DURING TREATMENT
sparky_after.jpg (17011 bytes) AFTER TREATMENT
jos_sp_park.jpg (46154 bytes) CENTRAL PARK
jos_sp_park2.jpg (48039 bytes) SPRING, CENTRAL PK.
restaurant1.jpg (33297 bytes) TRATTORIA
restaurant2.jpg (38481 bytes) CAN YOU FIND THE THIRD DINER IN THIS PICTURE?
dinner2.jpg (32172 bytes) DON'T BOTHER ME; I'M BUSY!
dinner.jpg (31295 bytes) BOY, THAT WAS GOOD!
bedtime.jpg (35016 bytes) BEDTIME
sparky-apt.jpg (30127 bytes) ARROW SHOWS WHERE SPARKY LIVES
puppy_portrait.jpg (44485 bytes) PUPPY PORTRAIT
sparky-inn-vista.jpg (16632 bytes) SPARKY FINALLY GETS A VACATION-