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Finding Treatment

Vet Database

The American College of Veterinary Medicine has a search feature that should find oncologists in just about any area of the United States or Canada. You needn't fill in all the fields. Select "oncology" as the Specialty, and enter your location. Click to Search now.

Search Engines

If you have a favorite search engine, it can be very useful in finding the right veterinarian or animal medical center. For example, you might try a search for "animal oncology". We like to use quote marks when we want to search for the whole expression. If you want to find an oncologist in your city, such as "Boston", you might go to and enter: a search as follows:

veterinarian +cancer +boston

Note that there's no space after the plus (+) sign. Typing all lowercase is fine. This search will find all listed pages with the word "veterinarian". It will then weed out all pages that don't contain the word "cancer". From these it will then eliminate all pages that don't contain the word "Boston". This search yielded 4,470 listings when we last tried it. With a little practice, you'll soon be a master searcher!

For your convenience, you can enter your GoogleTM search query here:

To search the WEB:
Replace YOURCITY with the name of your town or state. If your city is more than one word, enclose in double quotes (ex: +"New York"). Alternately, you can delete the entire query and enter your own.

To search "":
Check "Search this site", delete the contents of the box and enter your query.

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Links to Get You Started

Here is a smattering of databases and facilities scattered across the U.S. 

Find an Oncologist in your area - Perseus Foundation

Find a Veterinary School near you - Schools of veterinary medicine often offer the best facilities and staffs for oncology

Find an Animal Specialist - American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. If database is currently down, you can email them for help

Find a Holistic Vet
American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. Enter variables (Location, Specialty, etc.)

Animal Cancer Foundation - Latest research, case stories, resources, cancer's warning signs

Veterinary Cancer Society - Vets' society, but also of help to pet owners

Radiation Facilities - A table of facilities by city (PDF file)

Introduction to Cancer Texas A&M College of Veternary Medicine
The Animal Cancer Institute (National Network of specialists) is a Maryland based Limited Liability Company founded by Chand Khanna, DVM, PhD, Diplomate - American College Veterinary Internal Medicine (Oncology). The mission of the Animal Cancer Institute is to provide new treatment opportunities for both pets and people with cancer through the design of prospective clinical trials...
One of the foremost clinical veterinary institutions in the world, the MSPCA Angell Memorial Animal Hospital (Boston, MA) opened its doors in 1915, at a time when veterinarians were considered "horse doctors" and horses were being replaced by cars. The first veterinary hospital to be run by a humane organization, Angell's mission is to provide the best possible medical and surgical care to animals; and to advance the practice of veterinary medicine...
The University of Illinois Comparative Cancer Center has been created to serve a variety of needs. First and foremost is our commitment to improving the quality of life and survival duration of companion animals who develop cancer...
Welcome to the Animal Cancer and Imaging Center. (Rochester Hills, MI) We are dedicated to providing the best possible cancer treatment for your pet. We use state of the art equipment and the latest technology in order to better serve you and your pet. As a free-standing cancer clinic, our entire focus is on the veterinary cancer patient and his/her owner.
Wisconsin is a world leader in such advanced technologies as gene therapy, immunotherapy, and tumor vaccines. While some of the treatments offered are investigational, they offer hope and a chance for a better quality of life for animals with certain kinds of cancer. Owners are always informed of any pros and cons of available treatments, and no treatment is given without an owner's consent.
Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital (Denver, CO) Our Mission: To be the preferred veterinary specialty facility in the Rocky Mountain Region by providing compassionate care and quality service delivered by a team of dedicated professionals practicing state of the art medicine. VRCC is a specialty practice that seeks to work with the family veterinarian...
The Donaldson-Atwood Cancer Clinic (DACC-New York City) is the veterinary oncology referral center of The Animal Medical Center (AMC). The DACC manages over 3000 pets with cancer each year and provides a consultation service to the staff of the Bobst Hospital of the AMC. Pets with cancer may be referred to the DACC by their primary care veterinarian or by another veterinary specialist at the AMC, or be brought directly to AMC for consultation with one of the veterinarians at the DACC. The staff of the DACC serves as a resource for veterinarians needing further information about the behavior of different types of tumors and their response to treatment. The DACC is staffed by veterinarians whose primary interest is the diagnosis and treatment of pets with cancer. Staff oncologists are veterinarians who are board certified...





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